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Speed Camera Locations in Hartlepool

Help us put together an interactive map of all of the speed camera locations in Hartlepool. The map below is open for people to freely contribute to. If you know of a camera's location and it isn't on the map please feel free to add it to benefit other people.

2 Methods for Adding a Camera Location

  1. Send us a message through our various contact methods via our contact page with the location of the camera. We will need the street name, postcode if known, and where the camera is located on the street / road (eg, middle of the road opposite house number 4).
  2. Leave a comment on our Facebook page and we'll add the camera in for you. Again we will need the street name, postcode if known, and the camera location.

Map of Speed Camera's

Below is an embedded Google Map of the known speed cameras in Hartlepool so far. You can also view this map on a separate web page, or via the mobile app by clicking the link below.

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